Sep 15, 2010

Please Tell My Mother

Please Tell My Mother/ By Diari Abdullah

I am studying in elementary school, class six, and will be passing through to class one secondary.

However, my mother still tries to feed me, leaving no way for me to choose what I like to eat. She feeds me big pieces of food. I haven’t yet swallowed one when she gets another ready for me to eat.

This makes me laugh, but I am embarrassed to do so. I know she would say immediately, "When you eat, do not chat or laugh. It is a sin".

Where There Is Not My Mother, Home Will Smell Like Hell

Where There Is Not My Mother, Home Will Smell Like Hell
Awezan Nury

She was a pretty young, 9 year old girl, with light eyes, calm and cute, named ARAZO. Tears were falling from her eyes and her hands were trembling.

As I was looking at her, she was miserably sad and withdrawn, not enjoying her playtime with the other 19 children. They were living together as one family in the room. She was feeling alienated from the group. Arazo, who burst into tears at the children's laughter, was disturbed by the games they were playing. She seemed to be encountering thousands of questions, alone deep in her heart, telling no one around that she was as a stranger to them.

She did not realize that, through her pearl eyes, I saw lots of grief and pain there.

Sep 1, 2010

Iraq future more complex and uncertain than U.S. narrative

August 31, 2010 – for immediate release

Suleimaniya, Iraq – The future of Iraq is more complex and uncertain than the current U.S. narrative seeks to present, according to a report published today by Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in Iraq (see

The report quotes Iraqis who shed doubt on the effects of the “surge,” the trustworthiness of the Iraqi military, and the reliability of Iraqi public figures and institutions.

“Iraqis in this report challenge the simplistic success story that the U.S. is telling about Iraq,” says Marius van Hoogstraten of CPT Iraq.