Jan 12, 2016

Alternatives to Violence Projects

CPTers took part in the basic Alternatives to Violent Projects (AVP) training. Some of the team members participated as trainees and the others as trainers. The workshop is designed to help people learn skills to be able to build better relationships. The first day was very interesting. We made some new friends from different cultures and backgrounds as well as gained a better understanding of violence.

The second day of basic Alternatives to Violent Projects (AVP) training was emotional and productive. We shared our feelings deeply and openly. The diverse activities brought all of us together and gave us a wider perspective of how we can work together to transform violence and oppression in our everyday lives. 

The third day we completed the Basic Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) coarse. In the morning we focused on alternative ways of problem solving and later in the day we made goals on how to carry our skills beyond our weekend together. Before parting we were all smiles as we celebrated our new friendships in the second photo. What a fantastic group of peacemakers!