Mar 28, 2016



Iraqi Kurdistan

CPT 2016 trainees in Iraqi Kurdistan organised a public action to show solidarity with unpaid government workers in Kurdistan. The government has not paid the employees for last 5-6 months, so the workers are facing a very difficult situation now.
The trainees team envisioned the event to be held in Azadi Park in Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan on Feb 19 th 2016. However, authorities denied approval for this action.
CPT trainees decided to perform it on the CPT office`s rooftop and capture it on video to share with you all. 

To watch the movie, click here: 
public action movie


Halfway point of CPT Training in Iraqi Kurdistan

Every Thursday evening and all day Friday a group of 9 trainees and 4 CPT trainers gather in the CPT house to participate in CPT training. We have done 12 sessions so far and are looking forward to experiencing more. Training is very exciting and beneficial for everyone involved, as each of us brings our own knowledge and experience.
Two of the sessions included briefings on the Kurdistan and Palestine teams. The trainees talked about the different activities the teams on the ground handle and also about the challenges that they face on a daily basis. The training group also participated in two role plays that allowed them to learn how to deal with these challenges in real life situations.
CPT along with STEP organisation (Seeking to Equip People) delivered three Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops in the last two weeks of February. AVP workshops teach the participants tools on how to transform violence and unbalanced power dynamics in their everyday lives.

We were happy to train around 50 participants with different backgrounds. Some of them were refugees from Syria, some IDP`s (internally displaced persons) from other parts of Iraq and a few were from Iraqi Kurdish host community.

At the end of the three day workshops, participants expressed their hopes of having more of this type of training in the future. One participant, a Syrian refugee, said that those three days were the most enjoyable and useful days since she had arrived in iraqi Kurdistan three years ago.
Go in peace, not to pieces

Changing the small things-Iraqi Kurdistan CPT training

(...) The moment arrived and supper was hot. The trainees began to enter the CPT house-the eager, excited, laughing new CPT trainees.

This  training is unique to any I have attended or facilitated in the six years since I joined CPT. There are ten trainees: one from Poland, one from Colombia and eight from Kurdistan-Iraq and Syria. It is a multi-faith group: Christian, Muslim, seeking and those that have a deep spirituality but who do not identify with a specific organised faith.

Most of the trainee's lives have been directly impacted by the violence in the region. We heard several times on the first day indications of this. One person asked permission to keep his phone on with the tone turned off. His father was heading to the front line and he needed to aware of when that would happen. Others spoke of people they have lost due to separation or death due to the war that is happening throughout their countries.
Our first role play where they simulated walking alongside  farmers 
in Hebron who were harvesting olives.
One of our first spontaneous activities was to attend a vigil to remember and grieve for the 58 people including 25 Iraqi Kurds who drowned in the Aegean Sea last week. These are the things we had to process on our second day of training.
This week we began to work on the module where they plan a public action. They agreed to a topic that faces a small bit of the oppression that is happening in this region. The trainees had to think hard of ways to get the message across in a way that would not endanger any of them. They knew that arrest in this country can bring with it beatings and, for some of them, deportation back to a war-torn country. Yet, they also knew that it is very important to speak to the powers that are causing the oppression. The consensus came down to a simple message with a subversive undertone. This week they will continue the planning to bring about the action next Friday.

One morning,  as I ate breakfast with Jahne who is from Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) she said, " The reason I want to be a part of CPT is that CPT works to change the small things. I can not change the war, or the government in my country but I can change the small things. That is what CPT does."

Te read the full version of the article, click here: http://goinpeacenottopieces

Protest against violating a freedom of speech

28th of February, two CPTers accepted a request to accompany a group of sixteen activists from Rania, Hawler and Sulaimani who were showing solidarity to an officer from Rania who is currently in jail. The officer was arrested by the authorities for showing his anger on a public video on Facebook.
The imprisoned officer, Lieutenant Faramosh, is a traffic police officer from Rania.
In the last two weeks he has been involved in a strike with his fellow employees asking the government to pay their salaries for the last 3 months.
Three TV stations NRT, KNN and REGA, reported about this action. After the action finished the activists went to see Faramosh in the prison to tell him he is not alone.

CPT learned that Lieutenant Faramosh was released from prison a few days ago.
Our dear team mate Mohammad just turned "29" a few days ago. We wanted to make this day special for him, so according to his wishes we went bowling. Before that, we went to our favourite Syrian restaurant, where we had a bunch of delicious food and we got a big piece of magnificent cake. After eating such a feast we were so full that we could hardly move. We still challenged ourselves and went bowling anyway. It was really fun and Lukasz won the game.

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Mar 15, 2016

Comunicado de Prensa Training ECAP

El pasado 19 de febrero, el grupo de participantes de la capacitación de ECAP planearon llevar a cabo una acción pública en el parque Azadi en Sulaimaniyah para llamar la atención sobre la difícil situación que miles de empleados públicos enfrentan diariamente debido a la falta de pago de los salarios en los últimos 5 meses y también para agradecerles a aquellos que pese a estas circunstancias, continúan trabajando por el bien de la comunidad.

Assaysh, la policía de inteligencia de Kurdistán, no autorizó que esta actividad se llevara a cabo en dicho parque, por lo que fue necesario cambiar la locación y la modalidad en que se haría pública de la acción pública. Dadas las circunstancias, el grupo de participantes de la capacitación, decidió realizar esta actividad en el techo de las oficinas de ECAP en Kurdistán y filmar un video que luego fue compartido en Facebook.

La acción se dividió en dos partes. La primera parte consistió en una representación en la que tres empleados públicos desarrollan sus trabajos habituales pese a la falta de pago. Un médico, un profesor y un barrendero, sienten que es más importante cumplir con su deber de ayudar a la comunidad, ya que ésta los necesita, por ejemplo, personas enfermas que requieren asistencia, niños, niñas y adolescentes que quieren aprender, entre otros.  Esta primera parte concluyó con una representación de una donación por parte de los empleados públicos para el gobierno.

La segunda parte de la acción, enfermeras, empleados de los refugios para mujeres, miembros de la policía de trafico, estudiantes y miembros de los peshmergas, entre otros, expresaron las dificultades que enfrentan día a día por medio de una pagina en vivo de Facebook. Estos mensajes representaron ¨post¨ en el grupo ¨Solidaridad con los empleados de Kurdistán¨.

El video tuvo fue bien recibido por la comunidad y fue compartido más de 75 veces hasta la fecha. En la actualidad el video se encuentra disponible en la página de Facebook del equipo de ECAP en Kurdistán.

KRG Authorities prevent CPT from Conducting a Public Action

KRG Authorities prevent CPT from Conducting a Public Action

Asaysh (security) department in Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, denied approval for a group of CPT trainees to conduct a public action in solidarity with the government employees, which was planned to take place in Azadi (freedom) Park,  Sulaimani, on the February 19, 2016.
After the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan  (KRG) failed to pay the public sector employees salaries for the last 5 months, a number of public sector employees in Sulaimani went on a strike demanding their rights in salaries, including, but not limited to, teachers, traffic police, and doctors.
CPT trainees group of 2016 in Sulaimani, prepared a public action to show their appreciation for the hard work the employees have been doing without being paid for such a long time, and to show their support for the employees demand for their rights at the same time. This would have been demonstrated through a short theatrical performance by the trainees, with the support of CPT team in Sulaimani.
After the trainees and CPT team spent several days in the process of receiving a security approval, the Asaysh department denied the approval for the action. Asaysh officials’ justification was that ‘’they will not allow any destructive action to take part in Sulaimani’’.

        CPT trainees decided to show their support for the employees, despite the fact the Asaysh prohibited them to conduct their performance in public, and that’s through conducting the performance on the rooftop of CPT office in Sulaimani, and publishing a video of it through social media.


لەبەرواری ١٩-٢-٢٠١٦ س پ ت وەک ریکخراویکی نیودەولەتی بۆ مافەکانی مرۆڤ لەگەل جەند راهینەریک و اندامانی راهینراو سەبارەت بە بارودوخی ئیستای هەریم وموجەی  فەرمانبەران بە ناوی هەتاکەی بەرەو کوی هەلسا بە ئەنجام دانی نمایش کردنی شانۆ گەریەک بەمەستی هاوبەشی و یارمەتی چاکردنی بارودۆخەکە و کە گروپەکە ویستی لە رێی ئەم چالاکیەوە دۆخی ئێستای هەرێم پیشان بدات و ‌‌‌هانی دەسالات داران بدات بۆ ئەوەی گوێ لە دەنگی خەڵک بگرێت وە هاوبەشی لەگەڵ خەلک بکات بە رێگایەکی ێاشتیانە بۆ بەدەست هێنانی مافەکانیان لە ڕووی سیاسی وئابوری.کە نزیکەی شەش مانگ بوو موچەیان وەرنەگرتبوو .
ئەمە دوو ئامانجی سەرەکی هەبوو لەلایەکەوە چالاکیەکی ئەزموونداربوخۆ  راهێنانووامدەکاری بۆ داهاتوو لەلایەکی تریشەوە بلاوو کردنەوەی بیری ناتوندووتیژی و خەباتی مەدەنی بۆ بەدەست هێنانی مافی خەڵک .بۆ ئەوەی بتوانن بە شێوازێکی رێکوپێک بەرگری لە دۆزیرەوای خەڵک بکرێت .
لەڕووی ئامادەکاری و ڕێکخستنی ئەو چالاکیەوە بە آێوازێکی ڕێک وپێک ڕۆڵوکارەکان دابەشکران کە  ١٠ ئەندامی راهێنانەکە دابەشبوون بەسەر سێ گرووپ دا پێک هاتبوون لە گرووپی سینارۆو گرووپی سکۆپ و میدیا .
گرووپی میدیا هەڵسا بە ئامەدەکردنی پلانیکی دارێژراو کە خۆی ئەبینەوەلە دانانی ئەکاونتی فەیسبووک و سندوقی خێر بۆ هکومەت ‌وە کارکردنی تەواوی کارمەندان و پێنەدانی نوچە لەلایەن هکومەتەوە پییان وە گروپی لۆجیستی هەڵسا بە ئامەدەکردنی پێداویستەکانی شانۆگەریەکە لە ڕووی مادی ووە نوسینی ئەو پۆستەروو نوسینەکان لەسەر پۆستەرو کاخەزەوو هتد وە گرووپی میدیاش هەڵسان بە ئەرکی خۆیان وەکو ئاگادارکردنەوەی میدیاکان وەکو تەلەڤیزۆنو رادیۆ و وە ناردنی چالاکیەکە بۆ ویب سایتەکان .
بریار بوو شانۆگەریەکە لە پارکی ئازادی پێشکەش بکریت بەلام بە بیانووی نالەباری باروودۆخی ئەمنی ئاسایش ڕێگای نەدا لەناو پارکی ئازادی پێشکەش بکرێت کە تیمە راهێنانەکە ئەیویست راستەوخۆلەناوخەڵک بەشداری لەگەڵ کێشەکانیان بکات.
بەکوتریدەتوانین  ئامانجی شانۆگەریەکە لەمانەدا کورت کەینەوە  :
١-دابەشکردنی ڕۆڵ بەشێوەی گرووپ
٢-دەبڕینی ناڕەزایی بە شێوازی ئاشتیانە و ناتوندووتیژی .
٣-خۆراهێنان بە شێوازی ناتوندووتیژیانە بەپیی سیاسەت و پڕنسیپەکانی س پ ت کە باوەڕی پێیەتی .
٤-بانگاوازیکی هاوبەش و ناتوندووتیژانەیە بۆ هکومەت و دەسەلات داران کە گوێ لە داوای خەڵک بگرن .
کارێکی وەها هەوڵێکی کاریگەرە بۆ بڵاو کردنەوەی کلتوری ناتوندوو تیژی ی خۆشەویستی بۆ نیشتیمان و گەل .