CPT project in Iraqi Kurdistan

partners with rural and displaced communities and civil society activists who struggle for peace
 and respect for their rights.

It is our goal to
amplify voices of local and regional partners and share stories of their commitment and struggle for making Iraqi Kurdistan a progressive, inclusive and empowered society
...document human rights violations against women, civil society and minority groups, and report on impacts of the Turkish bombardments' and oil companies’ operations on the lives of rural communities
…accompany members of civil society in their struggle towards oppression-free society, as well as, communities affected by violence and destruction of land in their nonviolent struggle to resist displacement and protect their lives and lands
…advocate with the Kurdistan government and international community for the protection of the affected communities, support for the displaced communities, creative & non-violent solutions to conflict, and respect for the rights of all
…build bridges of peace: in collaboration with local and international partners Iraqi Kurdistan team trains students, members of civil society and at risk communities in non-violence and peace building.

Based in the city of Slêmanî (Sulaimani), CPT has held presence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since 2006, following a four year presence in Baghdad, and other parts of Iraq. The primary focus of the work there were the security of the Iraqi people and their struggle for peace in the midst of war and ongoing occupation.
CPT accompanies and advocates for communities that resist violence, and partners with human rights defenders and activists in bringing about changes through non-violent and creative means. Created in 1986, CPT – an international faith-based non-profit and non-governmental organization – works currently in Iraqi Kurdistan, Palestine, Colombia and Canada and a sesional presence in Greece. CPT has as a regular presence in the USA and has had past projects in Haiti, Philippines, Mexico and Iraq.

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