October 2015. I lived through the death of my family. Survivors and relatives of the victims of the Turkish bombing of Zargely village speak of their tragedy, and ask for justice an peace.  

October 2015. A short film by Christian Peacemaker Teams (Iraqi Kurdistan) about the protests for economic, political and legal change in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Octuber 2014. Fr. Jens, a Chaldean priest from Switzerland who serves at the Virgin Mary Monastery in Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan, shares what it is like to be a Christian facing the threat of ISIS (DAESH) in Iraqi Kurdistan today.  Fr. Jens is a good friend of CPT, and despite having over two hundred displaced people living in his monastery for the last three months, he is constantly cheerful, gracious, and full of love. This interview also contains video of a mass in the chapel (which houses sixty of the displaced people) and of some of the new residents working to build a new roof for the monastery.

November 16, 2013. A short film by CPT Iraqi Kurdistan about the Kurdish struggle against oil exploration on their ancestral land.
کورته‌ فیلمێکی تیمه‌کانی بنیاتنانی ئاشتی مسیحی ده‌رباره‌ی ململانێی گوندنشینان دژی کاروگه‌ڕانی کۆمپانیا نه‌وتی یه‌کان له‌ خاکه‌ دێرینه‌کانیان .

November 2012. Every year Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan region living near the borders of Iran and Turkey become victims of bombs attacks. The suffers huge causalities and received no compensation.

November 2012. Children of the Sunneh village in the Pshdar district in Iraqi Kurdistan speak of their lives during the Iranian and Turkish cross-border attacks of 2011 and ask for the bombings to stop. A video made in co-operation between the children and teachers of the Sunneh school and CPT Iraqi Kurdistan. For more information and a report about the effects of the attacks on the village peoples in the Pshdar district, please visit:  
 منداڵان له‌ گوندی سوونێ له‌ ناوچه‌ی پشده‌ر له‌ کوردستانی عێراق ده‌رباره‌ی ژیانی خۆیان قسه‌ ده‌که‌ن له‌ کاتی تۆپباران و هێرشه‌کانی سه‌ر سنوور له‌ لایه‌ن هه‌ردوو ووڵاتی تورکیاوئێران له‌ ساڵی ۲۰۱۱ ، داوا ده‌که‌ن که‌ تۆپبارانه‌کان ڕاگیرێت . ئه‌م ڤیدیۆیه‌ به‌ هاوکاری مامۆستایان و قوتابیانی قوتابخانه‌ی سوونێ ی بنه‌ڕه‌تی و CPT به‌رهه‌م هێنراوه‌ . بۆ زانیاری زیاتر و ڕاپۆرت ده‌رباره‌ی کاریگه‌ریه‌کانی هێرش و بۆردومانه‌کان بۆ سه‌رگوندنشینان له‌ ناوچه‌ی پشده‌ر تکایه‌ سه‌ردانی

February  2011. After several days of riots, at least three deaths, and hundreds of injured, a group of people decides to stand between protesters and the military in Sulaymaniya.

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